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What is a health coach?

What is a life coach?

Is a health coach only for people who want to lose weight?

Is a life coach only for professionals?

What is a health coach?

Like any coach, a health coach can play a number of different roles. Sometimes a health coach is a teacher—she knows things you have yet to learn, and that insight can inform your choices.


Other times, a health coach is a motivator—you know what you have to do, but you need someone to help you believe you can do it.


Maybe the most common benefit a health coach gives her clients is a different perspective. You’re in the middle of everything in your life, constantly surrounded by a million different thoughts, emotions, and circumstances—and when it comes to health, one particular area often demands most of your attention and focus.


A health coach can look at everything from a distance. She can help you see the big picture of your path to wellness without being clouded by the negativity and judgment that often creep into your own thoughts about yourself.


A health coach sees the best in you. A health coach sees the wonder of what you’re capable of and the beauty of who you are right now.


And sometimes? A health coach’s main job is just to get out of your way and watch you shine.


The simplest answer is this: a health coach is whoever you need her to be to see a true picture of your health and clear path to happiness and wellness.

What is a life coach?

So let’s talk about what a life coach isn’t. A life coach isn’t someone who looks down from the mountaintop of existence. A life coach isn’t someone who is better at life than you are. A life coach isn’t exclusively for a certain type of person.


The best singers in the world have vocal coaches. The best athletes in the world have athletic coaches. The most successful entrepreneurs have business coaches. These people are already great at what they do, and they consult coaches, not because the coach is better in that field, but because the coach can help find improvements or avoid mistakes they might not see otherwise.


And you? You are the best you there is.


A life coach is someone you trust who understands what is great about you and what you do best. She is able to use methods and tools scientifically proven to identify your strengths, your personality, your priorities, your unique circumstances, and the intricacies of how you respond to stressful situations.


Most importantly? A life coach listens.


A life coach doesn’t tell you what to do. She can help you process a life-changing decision. She can help you better understand a difficult relationship at home or at work. She can help you face Tuesday. Essentially any situation in life that you could use a little extra help to see more clearly or approach more wisely, a life coach can help you take the steps you want to take or to show up in the way you want to present yourself.


Is a health coach only for people wanting to lose weight?

Not at all. When someone asks a health coach for help losing weight, a thoughtful health coach will need a lot more information than just the number you want to see on the scale.


People’s true health goals rarely center around losing anything. We want to feel happier. We want to enjoy everything—our bodies and our food and our relationships—more than we do now. But when we think about improving our health, we tend to focus on the things we need to deprive ourselves of. That’s why we tend to avoid even thinking about it. Losing the things we enjoy feels like losing our lives.


Health and wellness is not about losing. In fact, helping you set and reach your goals is the second half of a health coach’s job. What we need to do first is take a look at your health right now and the road you’ve come along so far. Weight loss isn’t the North Star of happiness and well being.


If you long for both the happiness of reaching your goals and the peace of mind of knowing you’re exactly where you want to be in this moment—a health coach is for you.


Is a life coach only for professionals?

Let’s start here: if you’re not sure whether your life roles are important enough to warrant a life coach, that’s a pretty clear sign you need someone to help you identify the purpose and meaning in your life right now. A life coach is definitely for you.


If you’re wondering whether you have time for a life coach, that’s a good indicator of overwhelm. A life coach would help ensure you have enough time for what’s most important to you.


These are not questions reserved only for professionals or for mothers or for any rung of whichever ladders you might be trying to climb simultaneously.


You are important. What you do is important. How you feel is important. How you show up for the people in your life is important.


Being and doing your best will always be worth it. If you can remember that, you will benefit from having a life coach. (If you have trouble remembering that, you need a life coach.)