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Your current healthcare should be a health coach, not a physician. 


The current state of our healthcare system isn’t actually HEALTH CARE, it’s disease screening and disease management. And while that’s necessary, what’s absolutely missing from our system is disease prevention.

It’s commonly known that the amount of nutrition covered in medical schools is inadequate. In most cases, it’s nonexistent. Isn’t that interesting?

Here’s why nutrition matters:

Our bodies are made up of over 32 trillion cells. (it would take you over 30,000 years to count to 32 trillion, just to give you some idea how many 32 trillion is.) Our cells absolutely respond to everything we consume. It is our job to nourish them.

If you fill it with nutrients, you have more energy, your digestion improves, your blood sugar stabilizes, you’ll have brighter skin, you sleep better, your aches and pain dissipate, you think more clearly, your mood stabilizes, your hormones become balanced, your immunity improves, and your cravings are more controlled.

If you fill them with sugar and heavily processed food, your cells will not be happy. Processed foods are convenient and they taste amazing. In fact, manufacturers add more and more unhealthy additives to their products so they taste even better and become ADDICTIVE. That’s their goal, to create foods that you’ll become addicted to. (I’m serious THAT.IS.THEIR.GOAL.) Companies are RELYING on YOU to become addicted to their product.


What happens when you eat these foods? You turn on an inflammatory response, this causes the body to begin attacking itself. (think: autoimmune disorders) Inflammatory response creates cellular destruction. When this happens, you are at HIGH HIGH risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes heart disease, cancer, Alzheimers, allergies and inflammatory conditions.

And let’s chat about pooping. Pooping shouldn’t be urgent or watery. This is your gut health and your gut needs help.

I want to put it to you this way:

Cigarettes cause lung cancer, emphysema, and increases your risk of stroke. (along with several other terrible things)

For years and years we didn’t know. We thought it was cool and glamorous then we learned otherwise.


What happens? Many people quit smoking despite it’s extremely addictive properties

The sun and tanning beds causes skin cancer.

What happens? People limit their exposure to the sun and begin to apply sunscreen.

When we know better, we do better right?

Well, food is next. The very food we love and enjoy and that we think comforts us is killing us. It doesn’t just cause obesity, it’s the root cause of countless other terrible diseases and completely reduces not just your life expectancy but your quality of life.

We need to quit eating the food that is destroying our lives despite the extremely addictive properties.

Our current system is set up to treat the symptoms, which leaves us relying on medicine that we’ll have to take everyday, for the rest of our lives. I believe that some medicine is necessary and I LOVE doctors, I think they play a very necessary role. But I believe there’s a disconnect. They’re trained to treat with pills and I think that sometimes, it’s not a pill that you need. It’s a life change and that’s why a health coach is necessary.


As a health coach, I want to help you find the approach to eating better that is best for YOU.

I will provide you with foods that provide nutrients and promote health and the MEANS to maintain this healthy lifestyle.

But what I offer that most “weight loss” companies do not, is an in-depth approach as to WHY we are making decisions to eat the way that we do. When we can answer that? Everything else falls into place.

That’s why my program is six months. There is no such thing as a LOSE WEIGHT FAST, KEEP IT OFF FOREVER program. It’s doesn’t exist.

But what does exist is this means to the end. The end of you living a life that feels exhausting and uninspiring and like you’re never good enough. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. I’m going to show you just how good you really are.